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Welcome to Graphic Resources, a site started to look at graphic novels in the secondary classroom. We link to resources, provide teaching points, and review graphic novels for their teachability. We also discuss applications for the secondary classroom as well as breaking down pedagogy and lesson plans. With graphic novels becoming a major player in literacy education, it's our mission to make them easier and more effect for teachers to bring into their schools.

Graphic Novels

The Graphic Novels section offers reviews, suggested teaching points, and links to other resources. Initially, we chose to focus on non-fiction graphic novels. We hope to expand to other resources as we encounter them. Graphic novels have become a normal sight in classrooms across the US. They encourage struggling readers and emerging bilinguals by providing visuals that augment the text and improve comprehension. Talented and gifted students benefit as well, having alternative ways of exhibiting their knowledge and mastery of a topic modeled for them. You can see all the graphic novels we've reviewed here. Additionally, we hope to collect text sets that focus on specific topics, together adding a more robust picture of the world.


The Tools section offers graphic organizers, visual literacy aides, and digital tools to help you in your classroom. In addition to lesson plans and activities, we here at Graphic Resources are working on digital tools. The tools will help you identify vocabulary, pair texts, and connect students to texts of an appropriate lexical level on the topic your classroom is covering. This will hopefully help you and your students reach the zone of proximal development.


The Rationales section offers defenses of specific graphic novels or graphic novels in general to be used when proposing their inclusion in your classroom. Rationales are tied to Common Core State Standards and academic theories and papers.

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