The cover from Boxers & Saints, by Gene Luen YangTitle: Boxers & Saints
Author(s): Gene Luen Yang
Artist(s): Gene Luen Yang
Category: Based-On
Languages: English, French
Grade Level(s): 9-12
Mature Content?: Violence


A look inside Saints, by Gene Luen Yang. Boxers & Saints is  series of two parallel graphic novels, exploring two sides of the Boxer Rebellion in China. Boxers follows the story and perspective of Little Bao, a rural Chinese boy who is trained in kung fu and eventually, ends up helping lead the Boxer Rebellion all the way to Beijing, fighting against Christians and Westerners in China. Saints, on the other hand, focuses on an initially nameless, forgotten Chinese daughter, who finds community and identity among the Christians missionizing in China, and, indeed, a name. It shows the other side of the coin from Boxers, how Christians in China might have felt during the turbulent rebellion.

Teaching Points:

These two graphic novels would be excellent to use in a social studies classroom, dealing with subjects of rebellion, national or cultural identity, and more. They could be used together, or by dividing them up, having half of a class read one and the other half read the other, allowing for some vibrant discussion and comparison. These two parallel stories could also be used to show historical perspective and gender identity and norms.

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